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How Did DirectX Become The We Work of Logistics Services?

A Story By Our Founder, Enrique Robinson.

As the visionary behind DirectX, I've always believed in the power of innovation to redefine industry standards. My ambition was to turn DirectX into the WeWork of logistics services and management, and through our inventive use of, we've done just that, revolutionizing the Transportation Management System (TMS) landscape.

By harnessing the versatility of's platform, we've been able to offer highly customizable TMS solutions that cater to the unique needs within the logistics community, setting a new benchmark in the process.

Customization is the cornerstone of our approach. The TMS solutions we've developed are so finely tuned to individual user requirements that comparing them to any existing systems simply doesn't do them justice. For drivers, this translates to access to a system that's tailored specifically for them, enabling effortless management of loads, fuel costs, repairs, and report submissions, all through a user-friendly dashboard designed with clarity and ease of use in mind.

But it's not just drivers who benefit. Logistics companies enjoy specialized features designed to streamline their specific operational needs. From private load boards that boost freight matching efficiency to advanced credit monitoring and accounting systems, we provide a comprehensive suite of functionalities. Each feature is carefully crafted to optimize business operations, making logistics management more efficient than ever.

Our strategic use of has been a game-changer, not only in developing these customizable systems but also in fostering a vibrant community where businesses can create and manage their workspaces. This community-centric model allows companies to streamline operations while also collaborating, sharing insights, and driving collective growth within the logistics sector.

Standing at the forefront of the logistics software domain, DirectX empowers companies to redefine their operations and fully embrace digital transformation. The ability for companies to create their unique workspaces within DirectX's ecosystem signifies a major leap toward a more interconnected and efficient future in logistics management.

And now, we're on the brink of introducing the world's first Social TMS System—a development that promises to reshape the transportation landscape globally. Through DirectX, I am not just building software; I'm cultivating a community and steering the future of logistics management.

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