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  • How Did DirectX Become The We Work of Logistics Services?

    A Story By Our Founder, Enrique Robinson. As the visionary behind DirectX, I've always believed in the power of innovation to redefine industry standards. My ambition was to turn DirectX into the WeWork of logistics services and management, and through our inventive use of, we've done just that, revolutionizing the Transportation Management System (TMS) landscape. By harnessing the versatility of's platform, we've been able to offer highly customizable TMS solutions that cater to the unique needs within the logistics community, setting a new benchmark in the process. Customization is the cornerstone of our approach. The TMS solutions we've developed are so finely tuned to individual user requirements that comparing them to any existing systems simply doesn't do them justice. For drivers, this translates to access to a system that's tailored specifically for them, enabling effortless management of loads, fuel costs, repairs, and report submissions, all through a user-friendly dashboard designed with clarity and ease of use in mind. But it's not just drivers who benefit. Logistics companies enjoy specialized features designed to streamline their specific operational needs. From private load boards that boost freight matching efficiency to advanced credit monitoring and accounting systems, we provide a comprehensive suite of functionalities. Each feature is carefully crafted to optimize business operations, making logistics management more efficient than ever. Our strategic use of has been a game-changer, not only in developing these customizable systems but also in fostering a vibrant community where businesses can create and manage their workspaces. This community-centric model allows companies to streamline operations while also collaborating, sharing insights, and driving collective growth within the logistics sector. Standing at the forefront of the logistics software domain, DirectX empowers companies to redefine their operations and fully embrace digital transformation. The ability for companies to create their unique workspaces within DirectX's ecosystem signifies a major leap toward a more interconnected and efficient future in logistics management. And now, we're on the brink of introducing the world's first Social TMS System—a development that promises to reshape the transportation landscape globally. Through DirectX, I am not just building software; I'm cultivating a community and steering the future of logistics management.

  • The Purpose, The Reason Why DirectX

    When I first envisioned DirectX Workspaces, it was like seeing the future unfold before my eyes—a future where the logistics and transport industry could be as innovative and dynamic as the tech world I'm deeply passionate about. Inspired by how WeWork transformed office rentals into vibrant, communal workspaces, I set out to revolutionize the way transport companies manage their operations. This wasn't just about building software; it was about changing the game, about reimagining an industry ripe for innovation. At the heart of DirectX Workspaces is the belief that every transport company, big or small, deserves access to technology that's not only powerful but also intuitive and tailor-made for their unique challenges. I saw too many businesses bogged down by outdated systems that stifled their growth and limited their potential. It became my mission to craft a solution that would break down these barriers, offering flexibility, efficiency, and connectivity on a whole new level. The journey to create DirectX Workspaces was fueled by a mix of excitement and determination. I faced skepticism, of course—voices questioning the feasibility of such a transformation in a traditionally slow-to-change industry. But the vision was clear: to empower transport businesses to manage their operations with the same ease and agility that WeWork brought to office spaces. This platform is my response to the industry's call for change. It's designed to make logistics management as seamless as booking a meeting room in a coworking space. With real-time tracking, automated dispatching, and a community network for unparalleled collaboration, DirectX Workspaces is setting a new standard for what's possible in transport management. But DirectX Workspaces is more than just a set of features. It's a movement towards a future where logistics companies are no longer hindered by the limitations of traditional systems. It's about creating a space where innovation thrives, where companies can connect and grow together, and where managing your transport operations becomes a strategic advantage, not just a necessity. As the owner of DirectX, I've poured my heart and soul into this platform, driven by a relentless belief in its potential to transform the industry. Just as WeWork redefined office culture, DirectX Workspaces is here to redefine logistics management. We're not just changing how companies operate; we're changing how they envision their place in the future of transport. This is the purpose of change— not just to innovate for the sake of innovation, but to unlock new paths to growth, efficiency, and connectivity that were once thought impossible. #directx #directxtms #directxworkspaces #logistics #trucking #dispatching #brokerage

  • "DirectX & The Future of Tech: Leading the Logistics Revolution"

    Welcome to the frontier of the future, where DirectX is not just participating in the tech revolution; it's leading it. Imagine stepping into a world where managing transportation and logistics feels as futuristic as stepping onto a spaceship. This isn't just about moving goods; it's about propelling your business into tomorrow with a tech vibe so cool, it turns heads in Silicon Valley. DirectX: The Vanguard of Logistics Tech Think of DirectX as the cool new kid on the block, the one who's not just rewriting the rules but setting the trends. While we're not in partnership with any company, our platform is a beacon for innovation, much like WeWork has revolutionized office spaces. Together in spirit with the visionaries of tech, DirectX is crafting a future where small and new logistics businesses don't just grow; they thrive and dominate. The Cool Tech Persona of DirectX DirectX brings a swagger to transportation management that's unmatched. Our platform is like having a personal tech guru by your side, making logistics management as sleek and intuitive as the latest smartphone. With DirectX, you’re not just managing logistics; you're engaging with a system so advanced, it feels like you're shaping the future with every click. The Golden Standard of Compliance and Security Navigating the complexities of transportation regulations can feel like a tightrope walk over a digital canyon. But with DirectX, you’re wearing a jetpack. We’ve built a system so secure and compliant, it turns the daunting FMCSA regulations into a checklist of triumphs. With DirectX, passing audits isn’t just expected; it's a given. A Shout-Out to Innovators and Trailblazers Here’s where it gets even more exciting. DirectX is on the lookout for beta testers. Yes, you read that right. If you’re pioneering a new transport company or steering a small to medium-sized enterprise, we want you. This is your chance to get hands-on with the most advanced TMS platform out there, to mold it, shape it, and help it grow. The Invitation: Be the Future This is more than an invitation; it’s a call to the front lines of the logistics tech revolution. While DirectX stands proud as an independent leader, our platform is a testament to openness and collaboration. We're ready to partner with visionaries who share our ambition to transform the logistics industry. Are you ready to leap into the future? Visit and join us on this thrilling journey. With DirectX, you’re not just adapting to the future; you’re actively creating it. Together, let’s build a legacy of innovation and success. Welcome to the revolution – let's make the future extraordinary.

  • The WeWork of TMS: How DirectX is Revolutionizing Transportation Management

    Introduction In the realm of logistics and transportation, the role of a robust Transportation Management System (TMS) cannot be overstated. It's the backbone that supports the dynamic and often complex processes of moving goods efficiently. However, as the industry evolves, the cry for innovative TMS solutions grows louder. Enter DirectX, a pioneering platform that mirrors the transformative impact of WeWork on office spaces, but within the logistics sector. The Vision of DirectX DirectX was founded with a clear mission: to forge a collaborative and adaptable platform for logistics management, reshaping the industry's landscape through innovation. By emphasizing the importance of community and cutting-edge technology, DirectX aims to propel the logistics industry into a new era of efficiency and connectedness. Community-Driven Approach At its core, DirectX adopts a communal workspace model akin to WeWork, fostering a vibrant community among its users. This approach has proven invaluable, as evidenced by user testimonials detailing the benefits of shared insights and collaborative problem-solving within the DirectX platform. Such a community-driven framework ensures that every member can leverage collective knowledge to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Case Studies The impact of DirectX's innovative platform is best illustrated through case studies. Businesses, ranging from nascent startups to established giants, have reported significant improvements in operational efficiency, cost savings, and overall growth since integrating DirectX into their workflow. Each case study underscores the adaptability of the DirectX platform, catering to the unique needs of diverse companies and driving their success in the competitive logistics landscape. The DirectX Difference What sets DirectX apart are its unparalleled features, including real-time data analytics, cloud-based accessibility, and customizable dashboards. These tools offer users a holistic view of their logistics operations, enabling informed decision-making and a more responsive management approach. The result is a seamless, integrated logistics experience that transcends traditional TMS capabilities. Conclusion The influence of DirectX on the logistics industry is profound, mirroring the way WeWork redefined conventional office environments. By championing collaboration, adaptability, and technological advancement, DirectX is not just a software provider but a visionary architect of the future of transportation management. We invite you to join the DirectX community and be part of this exciting revolution, shaping the future of logistics together. Join us on this journey and experience firsthand how DirectX is reimagining the logistics landscape, one innovative solution at a time. Try Out Today with our 14 Day Free Trial

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