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Our Team Members

At DirectX TMS, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our clients. Each member brings unique expertise and passion to their role, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed the needs of the transportation and logistics industry. Learn more about the key players behind our success:

Enrique Robinson

The President

Enrique Robinson leads DirectX TMS with strategic vision and innovation, ensuring the company’s goals align with its mission of exceptional service in transportation and logistics.

Chavarria Carter

Client Success Director

Chavarria Carter ensures clients achieve their goals with DirectX TMS by providing personalized support and building strong, lasting relationships from onboarding to ongoing assistance.

Ashley Taylor

Drivers Success Director

Ashley Taylor supports drivers with programs and resources to enhance productivity, safety, and well-being, ensuring drivers thrive in their careers with DirectX TMS.

Shirley Harcrow

Dispatch Success Director

Shirley Harcrow optimizes dispatch operations for efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring timely and budget-friendly deliveries through best practices and technological advancements.

Anna Alsharif

Customer Contact Manager

Anna Alsharif provides exceptional customer service, handling inquiries and resolving issues to maintain high customer satisfaction and loyalty at DirectX TMS.

Adrian Douglas

Sales Director

Adrian Douglas drives growth and expands the client base at DirectX TMS by developing and implementing effective sales strategies and building strong client relationships.

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