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DirectX Agency Partner

 Our agents are not confined by caps on earnings; the sky is the limit.

Why DirectX

High-Earning Potential

Ultimate Flexibility

Be Your Own Boss

Professional Sales Training

Empower Businesses and Drivers

Agency Streams



DirectX Careers: Contract Agent : Build your brand with DirectX

Rated The #1 Startup Agency Sales Company

As a DirectX agent, Your hard work directly translates into earnings, giving you the power to determine your financial success through our commission-based sales structure.


 DirectX Workspaces has changed the way logistic companies can operate on the open market. We've created innovative solutions for all types of users to have affordable, customized workspaces.

The freedom to operate independently, crafting a flexible work schedule that suits your lifestyle. With DirectX, you have the liberty to work from anywhere, embodying the true spirit of being your own boss.

DirectX isn't just about individual success; it's about leadership. Build your own team, expand your agency, and lead partnerships that shape the future of logistics, all while benefiting from continuous support and training from a visionary company.

DirectX Empowerment Statement for Agents

At DirectX, we believe in the power of partnership, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our agents are more than members of our team; they are integral drivers of change in the transportation industry. As a DirectX agent, you are embarking on a journey not just to build your own success, but to revolutionize logistics, one delivery at a time.

We commit to providing you with the tools, training, and technology to thrive in a competitive landscape. Our mission is to foster an environment where ambition meets opportunity, leading to unparalleled success for our agents and transformative solutions for our clients.

Join us, and be part of a movement that is reshaping the future of transportation, creating lasting impacts, and delivering success on your own terms. Together, we drive forward, build lasting partnerships, and achieve greatness. Welcome to DirectX, where your potential knows no bounds.

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